Trial Technology

Lawyers can be slow to embrace technology.  That’s not so at Brooks Pierce, which has long been an innovator in the use of computer systems and software to communicate with our clients, to streamline and improve our practice of law; and to present the complicated litigation matters in which we specialize in a compelling way to judges, juries, and mediators.  We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to use technology to enhance the results we achieve. Our lawyers are recognized for their expertise in the area of technology and electronic discovery, and they speak frequently on these subjects.

We are leaders in the legal community in the following areas:

  • Evidence PresentationToday, judges and juries expect well-prepared trials, including the ability to instantly view and evaluate each item of evidence.  No one wants to just hear someone talk about an email or a document, they want to see it.  Brooks Pierce lawyers use electronic tools to present our clients' cases in a compelling, fast-paced way.  We do this at trial, of course, but we do it also at hearings, mediations, and other events significant for our clients.  Our resources let us create and make powerful electronic presentations which assimilate key documents, depositions, videos, timelines, and other records to obtain favorable pre-trial rulings and positive settlements for our clients.
  • Discovery.  Business litigation has grown  ever more complex, due not only to the nature of business itself but even more so due to the extensive use of email and electronic record-keeping.  The case that might have involved 1,000 documents five years ago now might involve 100,0000 records, many of which would never have existed in a paper-only world.  Brooks Pierce attorneys utilize sophisticated litigation management software to analyze, organize, synthesize, and utilize this data.  Our lawyers can access the entire record of case, which might include dozens of depositions and thousands of documents, from anywhere and electronically sift through it for the smallest, but important, detail.  In addition to making us more efficient, this eliminates the costly review and maintenance of paper records.
  • Document Retention.  Businesses are under expanding scrutiny from courts and regulatory bodies for even the innocent, normal destruction of records, particularly electronic records.  Brooks Pierce lawyers advise our clients on document management and retention policies that meet the needs of business and comply with the changing expectations of the law.
  • Communication. Our email, document management, and research systems are accessible to our lawyers anywhere, at any time, giving our lawyers the ability to be immediately responsive to the needs of our clients.