Acclimation into the world of a practicing attorney is a symbiotic and detailed process. To aid in this process, we delegate a seasoned firm attorney to mentor each new associate or summer associate. The main role of the mentor is to offer support and advice concerning both professional and personal aspects of our firm.

Mentoring offers specific, confidential, individualized learning from an experienced, respected, and insightful colleague. This tradition enhances the overall development of new attorneys and fosters positive connections between attorneys. The mentor's duties are to provide guidance on work assignments, identify training and professional development opportunities (both internally and externally), offer advice and support to those they mentor, and to help new associates form internal relationships.

Two other avenues help in this area. Our attorney development program ensures that our associates have the necessary opportunities and resources available to become highly skilled and well-rounded professionals. In addition, our Associates Committee provides the opportunity for discussion about important matters relating to associates, such as work assignments, training, and policies.