The FCPA on Prezi

February 19, 2015

Topics: FCPA

I spoke at the UNC Festival of Legal Learning last week about recent developments in the law surrounding the FCPA.  It’s always a little tricky speaking to novices in any area, because you have to lay a lot of groundwork for the recent developments to make sense.  Anyway, PowerPoint has become tiresome to me, and I wanted to use something else for the talk.  I tried Prezi, and here’s what I did.  I’m plainly a novice.  Here are some much cooler ones.  I did this one mostly as an experiment and to see what I could get done with a modest amount of effort on the technical side.

What I like about Prezi is its ability to keep the audience visually engaged and reminded about where they are in the overall structure off the talk.  That is, even if the audience zones out for a bit, it’s easy to see, okay we were talking about the anti-bribery provisions and now we’re onto the accounting provisions.  The zooming in and out could be distracting if misused, but it can also be very effective in keeping the audience on track.  You can sort of do that in PowerPoint with footers and other things, but I think that program can be much less helpful in that way.  Anyway, if people have thoughts I’d be very interested in hearing them.

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