Craig works with clients to resolve their most important legal disputes. Depending on the situation, his approach spans from collaborating with the other side on a resolution to zealously pursuing justice through the courts.

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Craig counsels clients — whether corporations, not-for-profits, municipalities, or individuals — on navigating situations that involve constitutional rights and, when necessary, challenging government actions that violate those rights.

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Craig advises clients interested in participating in the political arena. The web of campaign-finance laws is complex, and it captures not just political campaigns but also not-for-profits, corporations, and individuals. He helps clients confidently express their political voice by ensuring that their political conduct complies with the law.

Ruling Elder, Midtown Community Church, 2015-present 

Board of Directors, Greater-Raleigh Young Life Committee, 2011-present

I believe that relationships matter — we were not created to live in isolation. I invest in the relationships in my life, and I prioritize my family and local community. But I also believe that relationships matter to my clients: Businesses, just like people, do not exist in a vacuum — they depend on relationships. Unfortunately, all relationships, whether personal or business, are prone to breaking down. In my personal life, I seek to foster and restore relationships as a ruling elder in our church and by being involved in local ministries. In my professional life, I use the law and the courts to help my clients build and defend their most important relationships. 

I believe in resolving disputes amicably, but do not hesitate to throw hard — but fair —punches to protect my clients.

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