Technology is evolving rapidly, but the laws and regulations governing broadcast television have not always kept pace. Julia has significant experience helping her clients navigate this changing landscape. She has represented clients in the notice-and-comment process before the Federal Communications Commission as it creates new rules for television broadcasters, and she regularly provides written advocacy on hot-button issues before federal agencies and the courts, including the application of federal indecency standards to television broadcasts and the assertion of television stations’ rights under the Copyright Act.  

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Julia’s clerkship experiences at the United States Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals spurred her passion for appellate litigation. She welcomes the challenge of advocating for the interpretation and application of even the most complex laws in the appellate setting and helping clients navigate the often-formidable appellate process. The same passion for resolving the most demanding legal issues drives Julia’s regular engagement in litigation raising state and federal constitutional questions.

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Julia has represented local school boards in a variety of trial and appellate litigation matters, including cases involving funding disputes, access to school property, free speech, discrimination, personal injury, employment, and the constitutionality of state laws governing teacher tenure.  

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Vice-Chair, Appellate Practice Section, North Carolina Bar Association (2014-2015)

Chair-elect, Appellate Practice Section, North Carolina Bar Association (2015-2016)

Member, Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities Section, North Carolina Bar Association (2007-present)

Julia Ambrose, presenter: "Recent Developments at the Federal Communications Commission," UNC School of Law Festival of Legal Learning, February 2018

Julia Ambrose and Ed West, presenters: "Ethics Update for In-House Counsel: Litigation, Investigations and Management," Association of Corporate Counsel event, December 2017

Julia Ambrose and Jesse Witten, U.S. Supreme Court Declines Again To Interpret FCA Public Disclosure Bar, Bureau of National Affairs Health Care Fraud Report (Mar. 2006)

Julia Ambrose, Laura Chipman, & Charles Marshall, Commercial-Free TV and Aereo:  What Lies Ahead for Content Owners in the Wake of the Ninth Circuit’s AutoHop Decision, Communications Lawyer (Nov. 2013)

Julia C. Ambrose and Laura S. Chipman, A Distinction Without a Difference:  Why Thousands of Tiny Antennas Didn’t Save Aereo at the Supreme Court, Communications Lawyer (forthcoming 2014)

Julia C. Ambrose, “Clerking for the FWOTSC: Recollections of a Former O’Connor Clerk,” In Chambers: More Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and Their Justices (UVA Press forthcoming 2015)

The legal work that most excites me is the apparently impossible legal problem, the novel claim that has never been presented to a court for decision, the uncertainty or ambiguity in the law that demands resolution, the against-all-odds legal challenge. As Walt Disney said: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Those sorts of seemingly insurmountable challenges fuel my passion for appellate litigation, because it often presents the knottiest, most difficult legal questions in a pure, almost academic setting. Those are the cases that fill our textbooks and shape our legal landscape.

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November 13, 2009

Julia Ambrose Presents at Appellate Rules Committee CLE

Brooks Pierce partner Julia Ambrose served on a panel at the North Carolina Bar Association's Appellate Rules Committee CLE on November 13 in Cary, NC. The CLE was entitled "Communicate, Advocate, Persuade - the Definition of Appeals." The panel discussed communicating effectively with judicial law...Read more

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