People at Brooks Pierce are proud to work for a firm that has a strong culture, coupled with the right values. 

That is not an accident, and it indicates that their own values are fairly well aligned with the Firm’s. 

The strength of an organization's culture depends in large part on the degree to which the values of the culture are known, communicated and effectively reinforced over time. 

With that premise in mind, and for more than a decade, we have studied what is truly valued at Brooks Pierce. We have distilled that information into the following list of values in an effort to define the positive attributes of our culture and determine ways those values and the culture can be reinforced in all activities of the firm.

We value:

1.         Excellence - Commitment to highest standards of professional service and ongoing personal and professional development.

2.         Integrity - Honesty, fairness and character in all professional and personal activities.

3.         Professionalism - Ethical and professional conduct in legal services and in all related interactions.

4.         Individual Responsibility - Self-motivated and self-directed approach to legal practice, personal, professional and business development, and meeting commitments.

5.         Diversity and Inclusion - Respect for and openness to all persons, and recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusion as critical components of the success of the Firm.

6.         Independent But Collaborative Work Environment - Work environment which encourages independence, flexibility, collaboration, limited bureaucracy and minimization of  authoritarianism, hierarchy and organizational boundaries.   

7.         Collegiality - Supportive, respectful, and professional work environment based on meaningful personal connections and respect for individual interests and differences.

8.         Service and Involvement - Orientation of service to and involvement with clients, the Firm, the profession, and the community.

We invite you to get to know us.