At Brooks Pierce, we appreciate that accomplished, talented law students and lawyers have myriad professional options. We offer a distinctive, autonomous model, a self-reliant but supportive culture and a markedly diverse client base. While Brooks Pierce isn’t the right fit for everyone, our lawyers embrace the difference. We believe that the firm offers a unique professional platform for constant challenge and lasting satisfaction.

While our lawyers embody diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, we share much in common. We are committed to excellence and integrity in all we do; our lawyers strive not just to anticipate problems but to come armed with innovative solutions. Our community fosters independence, innovation and agility. We prize intellectual curiosity, initiative and resilience.

Lawyers who thrive at Brooks Pierce welcome change and pursue challenge. Brooks Pierce has no formal practice groups. There are no prescribed trial or deal teams or fixed partner assignments. Associates are invited to seek out colleagues whose work is appealing—across offices, industries and fields. Brooks Pierce lawyers can build upon their background, explore new industries, plunge into the unknown—or all of the above. And learning and challenge doesn’t stop with seniority; at all stages of their careers, our lawyers have the chance to reevaluate, reboot and reinvent. The state of law practice is constant change, and we encourage our lawyers to keep evolving.

Associates have the freedom to blaze their own trails, to craft a portfolio of work spanning many specialties, industries, clients and jurisdictions.  

Our associates are also charged with the responsibility that entails—to be mindful and purposeful in creating a stimulating and sustaining life in the law. This is a freedom our associates relish, and one that keeps the practice of law fresh and fun.
Brooks Pierce seeks law students who see the law as a calling—not just a job. From the first, our associates seize ownership of client matters. Every lawyer, at every level, is invited to play an active role, take a seat at the table, and share their insights and ideas.

We are proud of the quality and commitment of our lawyers. Brooks Pierce lawyers hail from many of the nation’s top law schools, including Chicago, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, Stanford, the University of North Carolina, the University of Texas, the University of Virginia, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Washington and Lee, William & Mary and Yale.