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Lawyers and compliance professionals constantly tout the importance of internal information security policies, particularly in light of data privacy problems that are reported almost daily in the media.  Admittedly, drafting such policies as a proactive measure can be a pain because there is always a tendency to worry that, unless you’ve suffered a data breach, you are the proverbial “solution in search of a problem.”

But it’s not.  In fact, in some cases, it’s actually required.  HIPAA (for protected health information), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (for financial ... Read More 

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Over the last couple years, the SEC’s cybersecurity bark has been worse than its bite.  Its Office of Compliance, Inspections, and Examinations issued examination priorities in 2014.  Commissioner Aguilar warned public company boards that they had better get smart about the topic a few months later.  The results of OCIE’s cybersecurity exam sweep were released in March of this year.  And the Investment Management Division said words, not many words, about investment advisers’ responsibilities in this area in July.

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What it hasn’t done recently is sue somebody ... Read More 


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