Brooks Pierce Attorney Ryan Fairchild to Speak at Community Effort Orlando 2019 Fight Game Tournament

June 27, 2019

Brooks Pierce attorney Ryan Fairchild will present with fellow attorney and gamer David “UltraDavid” Graham at the Community Effort Orlando (CEO) 2019 Fighting Game Tournament on June 28.

Their presentation, “Legal Basics for FGC Players: Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Entity Formation,” will provide a basic overview of key areas of law fighting game community (FGC) players should understand. Fairchild and Graham will discuss legal considerations including labor and employment law, entity formation for tax and liability purposes, and relevant contractual principles such as enforcement and dispute resolution, copyright, trademarks, and how those apply to players, content producers and influencers.

CEO’s main objective is to bring together fans of the fighting game genre and gaming in general to compete, learn and have fun.

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