Darrell Fruth and David Smyth Present Guest Lecture to Students at Duke Law School

October 5, 2013
Duke Chapel at Night

On October 3rd, Brooks Pierce attorneys Darrell Fruth and David Smyth presented a joint lecture on intellectual property and securities law issues to students in Duke Law School’s Start-up Ventures Clinic. Darrell discussed different aspects of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.  He presented the costs and benefits of each, and discussed non-disclosure agreements and other practical ways the students could use to protect their clients’ intellectual property. David made a three-pronged presentation on broker-dealer issues in private securities offerings, different exemptions from securities registration, and compliance issues for early stage companies. Darrell and David will continue their involvement on October 24th by participating in the clinic’s office hours at the American Underground @ Main startup hub.

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