Strategic Approach

January 31, 2013

Walt Tippett has been a commercial litigator and business lawyer in his native eastern North Carolina for almost twenty years, but he got his start 4,000 miles away—standing in the lobby of a London barrister’s chambers wearing boots, old jeans, and a borrowed, three-sizes-too-small sport jacket that fit him like a coat of paint.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Walt headed to England hoping to find a job in the London legal community. His plan did not include losing all his luggage in a taxi mix-up, but that is where he found himself.  Without many options, he borrowed a jacket and stuck with the plan. "I was knocking on centuries-old doors, along with thousands of other kids who better looked the part," he said.

In the cloistered world of barristers, who still wear robes and horse-hair wigs, Walt’s unconventional get-up became an asset. "It made me a bit of a novelty, I think, and I got a job right away. There’s probably a life lesson somewhere in there about resilience, if not dress code."

His time in London, doing legal research for an experienced barrister, cemented his interest in the law. "My first office was 400 years old and had a fireplace," he said. "It's really been downhill ever since."

Though in slightly less impressive surroundings, Walt has built his practice in real estate and commercial law by working hard to fix broken transactions and business relationships through effective communication and aggressive representation.

“Aggressive representation always starts with assessing what the problem is – which often differs from the reason your client called - and developing creative and efficient strategies to eliminate it.” 

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