Celebrating Women's History Month

Women's History Month celebrates the history and achievements of women across America in the month of March. In honor of this, our attorneys and senior staff answered the following questions to continue the discussion of women's history and accomplishments:

VC"My biggest accomplishment is becoming the first attorney in my immediate and extended family because I can serve various communities in ways that did not feel accessible growing up for my family."
— Vanessa Canuto, Associate

SRD"Women’s History Month is a time to recognize those who have paved the way for enhanced women’s rights, and to highlight those who continue to advocate on behalf of all women. It’s a reminder of what makes being a woman so special!"
— Sekoia Diggs, Associate

SD"My biggest personal accomplishment is the happy, funny, curious and energetic son who I have spent the last two and a half years raising with my husband. This accomplishment was possible because of Brooks Pierce’s commitment to value and support its staff and their families.”
— Shannon DeGennaro, Director of Recruiting and Professional Development

SF"My main piece of advice for a new lawyer is break out of any pre-conceived boxes that either someone else has placed you in or you think you should be in. Lawyers can benefit themselves and society in many ways than what is considered a traditional legal path."
— Shana Fulton, Partner

TH"My greatest personal accomplishment is not “things” that I have “given” my children, but the faith, values and morals that I have tried to model for them to be their very best in all of life’s journey. They are intelligent, strong and independent young adults with a solid value system. What greater feat could I accomplish?"
— Teresa Herman, Director of Finance

SL"Women’s History Month is an opportunity to reflect on accomplishments and progress – past, present, and future – and express gratitude for the impact and inspiration that these important acts, no matter how small, have on us all."
— Shannon Lanier, Director of Marketing and Business Development

BL"For me, Women’s History Month is a time to pause, reflect and appreciate the “Sheroes” who paved the way for all of us today. Most of the Sheroes are not famous. They lived quiet lives, but in their own special way caused radical change. These Sheroes are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters of many generations before us. That’s how positive change happens. Women are regularly the catalysts, but we don’t need or ask for the limelight."
— Beth Langley, Partner

HM"I am inspired by women – family, friends, teachers, mentors and peers – who are constantly challenging the status quo and pushing past entrenched social norms. I am so grateful to be surrounded by women who use their influence to raise up other women."
— Haniya Mir, Partner

AM"This past year is my biggest personal accomplishment. In this past year, I have learned to juggle being a full-time Office Manager with being a full-time mom of three young but very active kiddos. From 8-5, I’m taking care of my Brooks Pierce family. Right at 5pm, I take off my Manager hat and put on my Mom hat. I’m still at every baseball/softball/cheer/basketball game my kiddos have, even helping coach for a few of the teams. With the encouragement of the firm’s leaders, I’ve been able to flourish in my role at the office and at home. Women really can do it all and we do it in heels. I’m thankful for Brooks Pierce helping me succeed in both roles simultaneously."
— Ashley Monthie, Office Manager

GM"One piece of legal advice to women starting a legal career is to enjoy what you do! As a new attorney, the practice of law can be intimidating and scary. But when you choose to focus on the fact that what you get to do every day is incredibly interesting, creative, and challenging, you are able to find fulfillment in your work."
— Gabrielle Motsinger, Associate

COB"The example of my female colleagues inspires me. Seeing how they excel in their chosen practice areas while juggling so many other responsibilities – all while providing encouragement and support to each other – inspires me to do my best each day."
— Claire O'Brien, Associate

ES"Women’s History Month reminds me of the women who came before me and made my professional opportunities possible. It also reminds me of my responsibility to others, to find and open opportunities in my own small ways."
— Elizabeth Spainhour, Partner

JTM"One piece of legal advice to women starting a legal career is that there are a million ways to advocate for your client. Loudest and most combative is not always the most effective. Use the beginning of your career as an excuse to “try on” advocacy styles from mentors, friends, colleagues, even people you spot in the courtroom or across the table at a deal. You will be at your best as a lawyer when you are authentic to your personal strengths."
— Jessi Thaller-Moran, Partner

AT "My biggest personal accomplishment is that I have proven to myself that I can be a successful attorney while also maintaining some semblance of balance in my life. I have worked very hard in my career, but I have also worked very hard to maintain strong relationships with my family, including my children, who can always count on me to show up for them. Sometimes there is a give and take there, which is why it’s called a balance, or to some, an integration. It has not always been easy, and I feel very fortunate to have a supportive partner who keeps me grounded. But, in my opinion, it is so important to not let the practice of law completely consume you."
— Anna Tison, Partner

ET"My practice is in the field of education law – supporting educational organizations to do a better job teaching children each year as the world continues to change and new classes of children enter kindergarten. All of that is to say that there is no prize, no moment of accomplishment, in that kind of work. My greatest personal accomplishment is probably the day that I accepted that fact. Every day that I get up and do the best I can to support those organizations is a good day. That is the role of a lawyer – helping others accomplish what they are trying to accomplish in a lawful way. They are our clients’ accomplishments, not our own."
— Elizabeth Troutman, Partner

JW"One piece of legal advice to women starting a legal career is to find your voice and be true to it. You succeed best when you play to your own strengths. Don’t try to adapt someone else’s style or strengths."
— Jill Wilson, Partner

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