Brooks Pierce Attorney Writes Piece on Arbitration for Practical Law

Practical Law

Arty Bolick, a partner at Brooks Pierce, was recently published in Practical Law. The article, titled “Compelling and Staying Arbitration in North Carolina,” guides readers through the intricacies of requesting a North Carolina state court to compel or stay arbitration.

Bolick offers step-by-step guidance for those seeking to compel or stay arbitration proceedings in North Carolina. By explaining North Carolina’s Revised Uniform Arbitration Act requirements, clarifying the validity and scope of arbitration agreements, describing the arbitrator’s role and reviewing issues to consider before moving a court to compel or stay an arbitration, Bolick provides counsel and insight on preparing for the process. He also shares practical advice on filing an arbitration-related motion and appealing an order compelling or staying an arbitration.

Bolick’s practice focuses on construction law, from contract drafting and negotiation to claims resolution and litigation. Bolick also is a Certified Mediator through the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission. As a Certified Mediator, Bolick can conduct settlement conferences in North Carolina courts, helping parties reach a resolution before going to trial.

The full article can be viewed via the link below.

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