Inside Counsel Publishes Parsons' Advice on Utilizing Outside Lawyers


Gary Parsons, an attorney in the Raleigh office of Brooks Pierce, recently wrote an article for Inside Counsel titled "3 Ways to Get What You Want from Outside Counsel."

In the article, Parsons outlines steps that in-house attorneys can take to establish favorable and productive relationships with outside legal teams.  He explains the need for attorneys to form strong connections with their partners, associates, and paralegals.  "The extra time invested in clearly communicating your wants and needs will be rewarded many times over in improved efficiency and more effective performance from your outside legal team," Parsons wrote.

Parsons also states the importance of sharing your information proactively.  "More open communication with your outside counsel will help them stay current on your client and industry, making them more effective partners for you."

Lastly, Parsons believes it is necessary to create a shared goal with your outside counsel based on the client's priorities.  "By sharing the planning process with your outside lawyer, you are getting them invested in the plan so they will be able to better pivot with you when change comes," Parsons explains.

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