Justin Outling quoted in Triad City Beat

Triad City Beat

"Condemned: Greensboro struggles with housing code enforcement"

On February 18, Triad City Beat published an article written by Eric Ginsburg covering Greensboro's housing-code enforcement practices. Brooks Pierce attorney Justin Outling was quoted. 

From the article:

Holding property owners to the fines can force bad owners to sell, Executive Director Brett Byerly said, and that’s a good thing. And if the city is finding it difficult to ensure some owners comply with the ordinances now, how will pulling out the teeth help? he asked. Minimum Housing Commission Chair Justin Outling also said he opposes the idea.

“It brings an opportunity for abuse of the process,” he said. “In terms of the incentive for a property owner, it leaves the impression that they’re not going to have to pay that amount and now they won’t understand that time is of the essence. It may have value but the city would have to be careful in terms of providing guidelines for when those fines are waived.”

Not only would it undercut one of the city’s only enforcement mechanisms, Outling said, but it could contribute to the perception that the city doesn’t treat each case or property owner equally. 

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