Ryan Fairchild Discusses Supreme Court Sports Gambling Decision with Checkpoint Radio


Brooks Pierce attorney Ryan Fairchild spoke with Checkpoint Radio on the implications of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a federal law prohibiting sports gambling in every state but Nevada and the impact the decision would have on the growing esports industry.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court declared Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act unconstitutional, saying the law violates the Tenth Amendment. This means states are now allowed to create their own regulations for sports gambling. It was unclear how much the legislation applied to the growing esports industry, but many organizations stayed away from esports gambling out of caution. Now that states will be able to implement their own legislation, there’s a lot for the esports industry to consider as new regulations are put in place.

“I know there’s some companies that have been kind of prepping for this in the esports scene, but what it will allow is states can go out and create their own legislation now,” said Fairchild. “Whether or not they take esports into account is sort of going to depend on how well educated those legislatures are and then how they word the laws. A lot of times it’s not really about whether or not esports count as sports, it’s more the application of the actual language in the law.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

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