Brooks Pierce Capital Dispatch: Budget Negotiations Continue, Legislators Override Numerous Vetoes


Legislators were in Raleigh on Wednesday to consider various bills and override vetoes by Gov. Roy Cooper.

Budget Negotiations

Legislative discussions on the budget bill (H 259) continued this week behind closed doors. Legislative leaders are now saying that a conference report for the bill could surface after Labor Day—perhaps the week of September 11. Although a new budget was not enacted by June 30, the end of the state’s fiscal year, state government operations continue at the FY 23 level pursuant to the state’s budget continuation law (GS 143C-5-4).

Veto Override Votes

Legislators on Wednesday—largely on party-line votes—overrode Gov. Cooper’s vetoes of a number of bills. Those bills, which became law after the override votes, are:

  • Parents’ Bill of Rights (S 49)     
  • Charter School Omnibus (H 219)    
  • Building Code Council reorganization and Code amendments (H 488)
  • Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (H 574)    
  • Charter School Review Board (H 618)    
  • Gender Transition Procedures for Minors (H 808)    

Election Bill

Both houses this week passed a bill (S 747) that will make significant changes in state election law. The Senate vote was 27 to 18 and the House vote was 69 to 47. Among other things, the bill eliminates the three-day grace period for receiving absentee ballots, bans private money for election administration, and gives poll observers more freedom to watch the voting process. Gov. Cooper is expected to veto the bill.

Appointment Power Shift to General Assembly

A bill (S 512) that would significantly change appointments to a number of boards and commissions passed both houses this week. The Senate passed the bill by 27 to 18 and the House passed it by 72 to 47. The bill’s coverage includes the Board of Transportation, the North Carolina Railroad Board, and the Utilities Commission. Given the shift of appointment power from the Governor to the General Assembly, Gov. Cooper is expected to veto the bill.

Information about bills and work of the General Assembly can be found at its website:

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