Brooks Pierce Capital Dispatch: Budget Negotiations Continue, Some Bills Become Law, Governor Vetoes Others


After a break for July 4, House members returned to Raleigh this week for voting on Wednesday. The Senate did not hold voting sessions this week.

Budget Negotiations

Legislative discussions on the budget bill (H 259) continued this week behind closed doors. Some legislative leaders indicate that a conference report for the bill could surface in early- to mid-August. Although a new budget was not enacted by June 30, the end of the state’s fiscal year, state government operations continue at the FY 23 level pursuant to the state’s budget continuation law (GS 143C-5-4).    

Governor’s Action on Bills

Gov. Roy Cooper has recently taken action on a number of bills. Within the last week, he has signed 22 bills into law, vetoed two bills, and let two other bills become law without his signature.

Among the bills that he has signed recently are H 605 (School Threat Assessment Teams) and H 34 (Protect Those Who Serve and Protect Act, which includes provisions about firearms used against law enforcement).

His recent vetoes include H 618 (Charter School Review Board) and H 488 (Revisions to Building Code laws).

Legislators are expected to hold votes to override these and other vetoed bills during the coming weeks.

More information about the Governor’s recent actions on bills can be found here and here.

Regulatory Reform

The House on Wednesday voted not to concur in the Senate’s version of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2023 (H 600). Both chambers will now appoint conference committee members to resolve differences between the two versions. The bill includes provisions on a variety of topics including watersheds, stormwater, fish harvests, drinking water, environmental permitting, disposal of lithium-ion batteries and solar panels and nonprofit raffles.  

Information about bills and work of the General Assembly can be found at its website:

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