Brooks Pierce Capital Dispatch: Legislature Continues Work


While legislators continue to discuss a new state budget bill, the North Carolina General Assembly this week considered bills on a variety of topics.

Budget Work

Legislators are working on a budget bill for FY 25, which begins July 1.    

The House this year will prepare the first version of the budget bill. Press reports suggest that there is a difference at this point between the House and Senate on the amount of spending and use of reserve funds. Senators have already indicated they want to invest more money in Opportunity Scholarships for nonpublic school vouchers. Other items being discussed are additional funds for childcare, salary increases for educators and state employees, and some tax reductions.

Transportation Bills

A number of transportation bills are being considered at the General Assembly.

Both houses recently passed the DOT agency bill (H 198) but Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed it because it would allow cutting of more trees and vegetation around billboards. To override the veto, it will take a vote of 60 percent of members present and voting in both Houses.

The Senate Transportation Committee this week passed a bill (H 199) that includes provisions on DMV operations and vehicle dealer practices. The bill will next be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Bill sponsors indicate that it has already been discussed with House Transportation Committee leaders and thus, the bill will likely move forward in the coming weeks.

A bill (H 309) that would change how the DMV Commissioner is selected was discussed, but not voted upon, in this week’s Senate Transportation Committee meeting. Under current law, the DOT Secretary selects the Commissioner, who heads a division within that Department. Under the bill, the Governor would select the Commissioner who would then be subject to Senate confirmation.

Farm Bill  

The House this week unanimously passed the 2024 Farm Act (S 355) and sent it to the Senate. As with past versions of this bill, it contains a variety of agriculture-related topics.   

Other Possible Issues

In addition to the budget bill, legislators may consider a number of other issues this summer. These include a bill to legalize and regulate video lottery terminals (VLTs), which could produce significant new revenue for the state. Other matters remaining from last year that may surface include ABC law changes (S 527) and medical marijuana legalization (S 3).

Information about bills and work of the General Assembly can be found at its website:

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