Brooks Pierce Attorney Profiled by Audubon North Carolina

Audubon North Carolina

Brooks Pierce partner Mark Prak and his wife, Robin, were recently featured by Audubon North Carolina.

Prak and his wife share an avid interest in nature and wildlife that began for both of them in childhood and has continued to grow throughout their lives. His involvement with Audubon North Carolina began in 2015 when fellow Brooks Pierce partner Bill Ross invited him to join the board of directors. Since joining, Prak’s knowledge of birds has grown as he’s had opportunity to learn more about the coastal wildlife of North Carolina.

Recently Prak assisted Audubon in securing a $150,000 grant from the Hearst Foundation that will fund onsite research at Pine Island Sanctuary to help save marsh systems, support the construction of the first classroom at the sanctuary and fund STEM programming for disadvantaged youth in Eastern and Central North Carolina. Audubon hopes this research will help identify ways to better protect marsh ecosystems along the East Coast.

As Prak told Audubon North Carolina: “It’s really pretty simple: we are all called to be stewards of resources. We have one earth to take care of, and, as I learned in Boy Scouts, we’re charged to leave things in the same or better shape than we found them.”


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