North Carolina Legislative Update, February 10, 2017


Activity at the North Carolina General Assembly gained some momentum this week with legislative committees meeting to hear bills, some bills being considered for floor action, and new members becoming familiar with procedures.
UNC Board of Governors Reduces (HB39)
The House on Wednesday voted to reduce the size of the UNC Board of Governors from 32 to 24 members by 2019. While the bill passed with an overwhelming majority, there was an effort by some Democrats to amend it to ensure Board diversity and representation from schools throughout the system.  That amendment failed.  The bill now goes to the Senate.

Classroom Size (HB13)
HB13 passed both the House Education and Appropriations Committees this week. The bill was introduced to address the concern that past actions reducing K-3 class sizes would reduce PE and arts education availability.  It is supported by a number of education advocates.

Savings Reserve (HB7)
The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday approved a bill that aims to strengthen the Savings Reserve (often called the “Rainy Day Fund”).  The bill, which was the product of an interim Legislative Research Commission, requires that 15 percent of each year's revenue growth from the prior year be deposited into the Reserve.  It would also limit legislators from withdrawing more than 7.5 percent of the previous fiscal year's operating budget, unless both chambers agreed to a higher amount with a two-thirds majority. Representative John Torbett (R-Gaston) had concerns about the Highway Fund not being excluded from the bill given the transportation funding challenges facing North Carolina. He plans to introduce an amendment on the House floor to address this issue.

Bills Filed

House Bills

H40 High School Dropout Age Pilot/McDowell County.

H41 School Calendar Flex./Rowan County.

H42 Rowan-Salisbury Bd. of Ed. Election Method.

H43 Automobile Insurance Regulatory Modernization.

H44 Application for a Convention of the States.

H45 Roanoke Island Fire District Changes.

H46 Allison's Law/GPS Tracking Pilot Prog/DV.

H47 School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems.

H48 Legislator-Lobbyist Reform Act.

H49 GLOW Charter School in State Health Plan.

H50 School Calendar Flex./Stanly County.

H51 School Calendar Flex./Montgomery County.

H52 Rescind Calls for Constitutional Convention.

H53 School Calendar Modification.

H54 Protect the Hardworking Taxpayers Act.

H55 Apex/Cary/Police Assistance on School Grounds.

H56 Amend Environmental Laws.

H57 Enact Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.

H58 Charlotte Firefighters' Retirement System.

H59 Revenue Laws Technical Changes.

H60 School Calendar Flex./Certain School Systems.

H61 Small Business Income Tax Relief.

H62 Woman's Right to Know Addition/Ashley's Law.

H63 Citizens Protection Act of 2017.

H64 Municipal Elections in Even-Numbered Years.

H65 Req Active Time Felony Death MV/Boat.

H66 Veterans Plates/Vehicle Weight Restriction.

H67 Increase Small Brewery Limits.

H68 BRIGHT Futures Act.

H69 Constitutional Carry Act.

H70 SOG Pilot Project Standards/PED.

H71 Legislator Subsistence/Travel Rates - PED.

H72 School Bus Cameras/Civil Penalties.

H73 Prohibit Driving With Animal in Lap.

H74 Adopt Bobcat as State Cat.

H75 Honor Paul Luebke, Former Member.

H76 Increase Fire & Rescue Pension Benefit.

H77 School Calendar Flex./Johnston County.

H78 HB2 Repeal/Equality for All.

H79 School Calendar Flex./Gaston County Schools.

H80 Bona Fide Ownership of Timber Parcels.

H81 STI/Regional & Division Weighting.

H82 Equality For All/Repeal HB2.

H83 Ensure Budget Transparency.

H84 Drivers License/Hearing Impaired Designation.

H85 Funds for Educational Training Centers.

H86 Amend Banking Commission Membership.

Senate Bills

S32 22nd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S33 50th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S34 Eminent Domain Const. Amendment.

S35 Eminent Domain Statutory Revisions.

S36 Convention of the States.

S37 Roanoke Island Fire District Changes.

S38 Allow County-Wide Challenges/Absentee Ballots.

S39 Charter Schools/CIHSs.

S40 Constitutional Amend. Convention/Countermand.

S41 Amendment Convention Procedures.

S42 Reduce Cost & Reg. Burden/Hosp. Construction.

S43 SOG Pilot Project Standards/PED.

S44 BOR/Independent Staff/Data Tracking.

S45 8th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S46 13th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S47 19th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S48 Clinical Educators for Student Teaching.

S49 29th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S50 32nd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S51 Winston-Salem/Service by Publication Cost.

S52 40th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S53 Law Enforcement Authority/Custody of Child.

S54 Charlotte Firefighters' Retirement System.

S55 School Bus Cameras/Civil Penalties.

S56 School Calendar Flexibility/Certain Systems.

S57 Purchase Pistol Permit/Retired Veteran ID.

S58 45th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S59 31st Senatorial District Local Act-1.

S60 Record of Excusals From Jury Duty.

S61 Ltd. License/Driving to School Past 9:00.

S62 Veterans' Affairs Commission/Strategic Plan.

S63 Military Affairs Commission/Strategic Plan.

S64 Veterans' History Awareness Month.

S65 BRIGHT Futures Act.

S66 Require Safety Helmets/Under 21.

S67 48th Senatorial District Local Act-1.

For more information, please contact the Brooks Pierce Government Affairs Team, linked below.

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