North Carolina Legislative Update, February 3, 2017


North Carolina Legislators made their way back to Raleigh for the beginning of the 2017 long session on January 25th. With returning members settling into their new offices and new members getting acclimated to Raleigh, no votes were held this week. Things were busy on Jones Street, however, with assignment of committees and filing of bills.
The leadership of the General Assembly is similar to last year with Representative Tim Moore remaining the Speaker of the House and Senator Phil Berger leading the Senate as President Pro Tempore. The change in Governor's office is bringing a number of changes to executive branch leadership. 


Committees are expected to start meeting during the week of February 6th.

House Bills Filed:

  • H2  Provide Certain Property Tax Relief.
  • H3  Eminent Domain Const. Amendment.
  • H4  Fairmont/Voluntary Annexation.
  • H5  Unemployment Insurance Technical Changes.
  • H6  Ed. Finance Reform Task Force/PED Report.
  • H7  LRC/Strengthen Savings Reserve.
  • H8  Even Yr Municipal Election/Towns of Troy/Star.
  • H9  Allow Election Day Service - Retired LEOs.
  • H10  Eminent Domain Statutory Revisions.
  • H11  Handicap Parking Privilege Certification.
  • H12  Stanly CC/Bd. of Trustees.
  • H13  Class Size Requirement Changes.
  • H14  Montgomery CC/Bd. of Trustees.
  • H15  Public Authority/Permanent Plates.
  • H16  Enhance Oversight of Service Contracts/PED.
  • H17  Office of State Auditor/Corrective Action/PED.
  • H18  State Agencies Must Use eProcurement/PED.
  • H19  Selection of Chair & Vice-Chair/County BOCs.
  • H20  School Calendar Flexibility/Alamance County.
  • H21  Driver Instruction/Law Enforcement Stops.
  • H22  BOR/Independent Staff/Data Tracking.
  • H23  Teachers/Isolated K-12 Schools.
  • H24  Study Unfunded Liability/Retiree Health Fund.
  • H25  Randolph County Zoning Procedure Changes.
  • H26  Workers' Comp/Approval of Disputed Legal Fees.
  • H27  Clarify Expiration of Vehicle Registration.
  • H28  DOT/Access of Motorcyclists.
  • H29  Record of Excusals From Jury Duty.
  • H30  Colorectal Cancer Awareness License Plate.
  • H31  Material Fact Disclosure Clarifications.
  • H32  Limited Civil Immunity/Ski Patrol Volunteers.
  • H33  Amend Firearm Restoration Law.
  • H34  Acquire Two Rescue Helicopters/Funds.
  • H35  Protect North Carolina Workers Act.
  • H36  Enact Enhanced Access to Eye Care Act.
  • H37  Protect Law Enforcement Officers.
  • H38  Funding for Scotland County Farmers Market.
  • H39  Amend Appointments/UNC Bd of Governors.

Senate Bills Filed:

  • S3  DOT/DMV Changes.
  • S4  42nd Senatorial District Local Act-1.
  • S5  Mecklenburg/Police Countywide Jurisdiction.
  • S6  Cornelius Annexation.
  • S7  Unemployment Insurance Technical Changes.
  • S8  Ease Occ. Lic. Burdens on Military Families.
  • S9  Ed. Finance Reform Task Force/PED Report.
  • S10  18th Senatorial District Local Act-1.
  • S11  Regulate Pesticide Application in Restaurants.
  • S12  Veterans Memorial/Funds.
  • S13  Sanford Occupancy Tax.
  • S14  LRC/Strengthen Savings Reserve.
  • S15  Teachers/Isolated K-12 Schools.
  • S16  Amend Administrative Procedure Laws.
  • S17  41st Senatorial District Local Act-1.
  • S18  10th Senatorial District Local Act.
  • S19  Even Yr Municipal Election/Towns of Troy/Star.
  • S20  36th Senatorial District Local Act.
  • S21  DL Restoration/DWI Treatment Court.
  • S22  Study Unfunded Liability/Retiree Health Fund.
  • S23  25th Senatorial District Local Act-1.
  • S24  Allow Restaurants to Use Outdoor Grills.
  • S25  Repeal HB2.
  • S26  Local/Pitt, Greene, Wayne, & Lenoir Counties.
  • S27  $5 Vehicle Tax for Greene Co. Economic Dev.
  • S28  Electronic Pawn & Metals Database.
  • S29  ALJ Review of DPS Civil Penalties.
  • S30  11th Senatorial District Local Act-1.
  • S31  33rd Senatorial District Local Act-1.

For more information, please contact the Brooks Pierce Government Affairs Team, linked below.

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