North Carolina Legislative Update, May 19, 2017


This week at the General Assembly the Senate focused on moving legislation through committees while House Budget leaders focused on the budget bill (S 257).  House leaders have indicated they hope to hold votes on the budget bill during the week of May 29.
Raise the Age (H280)
House members voted this week (104-8) to pass a bill that would raise the age at which individuals are tried as adults. Current law allows 16-and 17-year old offenders to be tried as adults, which makes North Carolina the only state with this practice. A similar provision was included in the budget bill passed by the Senate last week.  The House bill is pending in the Senate Rules Committee.  Therefore, Legislators could enact the proposal either through the budget bill or through H280. 

Truck Platoons (H716)
The Senate Transportation Committee this week delayed a vote on a bill that would allow commercial trucks to use a computer-assisted braking technology to "platoon."  The term platoon is defined in the bill to mean a group of commercial motor vehicles traveling in a unified manner through the use of electronically interconnected braking systems. Proponents argue it reduces fuel costs. The bill passed the House late last month.

“B” Corps (H616)
A bill to create “public benefit” corporations passed the House Finance Committee this week.   Bill sponsor Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson) described these entities in the hearing as a hybrid between a C corporation and a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity. The bill is calendared to be heard on the House floor next Tuesday. 

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