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The agriculture and agribusiness industries have long been a vital part of North Carolina’s economy and are a leading source of income in the state. With the introduction of new farming techniques and more efficient processes, they are also rapidly changing industries, facing increasingly complex legal issues.

Brooks Pierce attorneys are well-equipped to address all of the needs facing agriculture and agribusiness. We work with a wide variety of issues involving agricultural development and growth, including:

  • Environmental We can help your business address environmental impact concerns, remain compliant with government regulations and give advice on sustainability measures.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Our work includes the purchasing of land and technology to help grow farms within the United States and around the world. 
  • Intellectual Property We protect your development of new technology, products and processes by drafting and registering patent and trademark applications.
  • Real Estate and Land Use We help companies purchase, sell and develop land for farming and processing agriculture. Our experience includes water rights issues, purchases, leases and negotiation of related contracts, as well as aiding with and assuring due diligence in agricultural transactions.
  • Trusts and Estates We work with families on succession planning for their farms and agricultural businesses, including taking steps to minimize the tax liability associated with transferring farms and businesses to the next generation.
  • Litigation We work collaboratively with other practice areas in disputes in state and federal court in issues related to employment, bankruptcy and complex business matters.
  • Tax issues Our attorneys work to avoid tax issues that arise in farms of all sizes, as well as help to identify tax incentives and aid that can help support the growth of all businesses.

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