Getting from Here to There

No matter what mode of transportation you use, chances are good that it is heavily regulated.  Brooks Pierce has extensive experience helping businesses in the transportation industry navigate the complex regulatory environment and achieve success.

Our services include:

  • Aviation – we represent aircraft owners, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance companies, and organizations with aviation operations.  We represent our clients in a wide range of matters related to aviation, such as
    • Ownership and operation of aircraft
    • Site location for airports
    • Changes in legislation and tax laws
    • Research and training programs
    • Compliance with FAA regulations
    • UAS/UAV/Drone regulation and FAA regulation
  • Railroad – several of our attorneys represent railroad companies in litigation, intellectual property, and corporate counsel.
  • Automotive – we represent dealerships, parts manufacturers, gas companies, and businesses that work to design highway infrastructure.  We assist our clients with general counsel, litigation, product liability claims, and government representation.
  • Maritime – our attorneys are well-versed in cross-border and maritime laws, including tax, tariff, and import and export regulations.  We also represent clients before the Federal Maritime Commission.

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