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Esports is one of the fastest growing and most innovative industries in the world. Professionals involved in the esports industry need a lawyer who understands the games, the language, and the culture, as well as the myriad of legal issues involved in the business of esports.

Brooks Pierce attorneys are well-equipped to provide comprehensive counsel to players, teams, organizations, and stakeholders. Our firm is an industry leader for representing players in the Dota 2 space. We also represent players and teams in League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, the fighting game community (FGC), and more.

Comprehensive service. Our esports attorneys work with experienced colleagues across practices to support clients with a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Corporate counsel. Our attorneys work with players, teams and organizations to draft organizational documents, establish legal entities, acquire or sell assets, and perform other crucial corporate transactions.
  • Intellectual property protections. Our lawyers routinely work with players, teams, and influencers to register and protect trademarks, establish and protect brand identity, and draft and negotiate licensing agreements.
  • Contracts. Our attorneys help clients draft and negotiate a wide range of contracts, including player agreements, sponsorship and licensing agreements, and organizational management agreements.
  • Litigation. Our firm, well-known for its litigation prowess, works with clients to resolve disputes involving players, teams, and organizations, including white-collar matters and intellectual property infringements.

A love for the game. Brooks Pierce esports attorneys bring their love for video gaming and experience in the esports ecosphere to their counsel, working diligently to understand each client’s passion for their craft and individual legal needs. Our esports lawyers, many of whom have been lifelong gamers, have become leading voices on business and legal matters in esports media.

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